Comic Book Art Portfolio ✏

Samples of my comic book artwork. Click the images to enlarge.  
Superhero, Pin-Up Babes and Sequential work.
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Sequential Pages: $120 penciled - $200 pencil and ink.

comic book artist pricing
Print this flyer at 8.5x11

Female Worrior Drawing

Spider-man Color Art
Gift commission for a boy on Facebook with Down Syndrome.

Image Comics Haunt Drawing

Veronika Zemanova as Scarlett Witch
Veronika Zemanova as Scarlett Witch

Lobo Pencil Drawing
Lobo looking like a KISS band member
Game of Thrones drawing
Nordic prince off on a quest

Comic Book concept pages
Outcast Zero Independent Comic Book concept pages

Comic Book sequential page
Comic Book sequential page 2

Comic Book sequential page 3

Comic Book sequential page 4

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