Thursday, April 21, 2016

Batman V Superman Beats Deadpool? Say What?

Deadpool is a better movie than BvS.

DP had less star power in actors. DP does not have the global appeal of Superman or Batman. DP was filmed by a nearly unknown director. DP had waaay less money for advertisement and promotion than BvS and still had a higher return on profit.
Guardians of the Galaxy had a Production Budget: $170 million, also a nearly unknown property by regular movie goers. That movie made $773 million with no previously successful franchises like Batman or Superman.
DC and Snyder should have done better than just beating one shot movies.
Think about it...logically. Chimichunga!

An argument against this article from Epic Stream

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thor Versus Wonder Woman!

Thor is strong and battle tested but so is Wonder Woman! Each possess the power of the god's. The difference being, Thor is a god, Wonder Woman is 'assisted' by the gods from time to time.
With the immortals of Olympus and Asgard watching this battle, old rivalries would give rise to meddling by Odin and Zeus, if not Hera.
In a battle of Olympus versus Asgard, there would be interventionist power ups from the god's. Let's hope this fight is off planet.

Who would win?
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders As Heisenberg From Breaking Bad

Bernie Sanders Heisenberg Breaking Bad
Bernie Sanders as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad!
#Sanderberg #BreakingBernie

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hulk Pencil Drawing for Professor

Hulk pencil drawing for my college math professor!
(Name withheld so no one assumes it will affect my grade :)

Hulk Pencil Drawing

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Best Caucasian Burrito Recipe In The World!

Best Caucasian Burrito Recipe

The Best Caucasian Burritos in the world only a comic book artist could create!

Free recipe by:
This recipe is for meat lovers only. Vegan's feel free to experiment at your leisure and let me know if a substitute can be found.

You will need an omnivore to confirm your results.
Cooking and preparation takes about 45 minutes. This ain't yo mamma's burrito recipe!
Large tortillas! 20 count. (This is a big mix!)
Pam or other cooking spray is used to moisten the tortillas before heating over an open flame or electric stove top. I learned this from cooking Southwestern Mexican food for a year.

Rosarita Refried Beans: 3 cans (Traditional)
Hot links: 3 links
Hamburger 2.5lbs: 70%-85% lean

Swiss Cheese shredded 1/2 lb
Cheddar Cheese shredded 1/2 lb
A block of cheese takes little time to shred and tastes better!
Sour Cream (Neutral balance, sweet juxtaposed)

Soy Sauce (low sodium is ok)
Ketchup (Heinz is best)
Taco Seasoning Mix

Kitchen Tools:
Frying pan
One gallon sauce pan
Cheese shredder
Sharp knife
Wooden spoon
Space to lay out your large burritos for filling
Two bowls for shredded cheese
(I don't mix the cheeses, they have their own layer when melted)

1. Put refried beans into warm sauce pan. Simmer.
2. Heat frying pan
Split hot links in fourths, cut into quarter inch pieces.
Cook hot links until very brown or slightly black.
Put cooked hot links into sauce pan with beans. (Simmering)
Place hamburger directly into hot link frying pan. (flavor)
Add Soy Sauce to frying pan until bottom is wet.
Simmer hamburger until no longer red, drain off fat.
Put frying pan back on stove directly.
Add a big squeeze of ketchup and one table spoon of Taco seasoning.
Stir and simmer until gooey. 
Turn off stove for beans and meat.
Two options: Pour the hamburger directly in to the beans (time saver), or as I do, each addition has it's own layer. 
Burrito prep:
Spray both sides of your tortilla with Pam.

Place your tortilla over a medium setting on flame or electric stove burner. 
Toast until you see bubbles or slightly brown. This is a big part of the whole flavor.
(Please be careful over hot flame. Cook at your own risk.)

Filling Tortilla:
-A heaping wooden spoonful of refried beans should fill a large tortilla. Spread with the bulk of the beans around the center.
hamburger at your discretion. So long as you can still see a little bean underneath.
-Layer both cheeses.
-Spread sour cream as desired from one end to another.
Fold a small end, fold, squeeze and roll!
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