Thursday, November 10, 2011

The SF International Animation Festival Starts Thursday

Perhaps the best-known paean to animation in the Bay Area is Emeryville’s Pixar Studios, whose widely acclaimed computer-animated films have been much lauded as genre-changing.

But along with the accolades come the grumbles from traditionalists, who love hand-drawn films, claymation, and puppets. The San Francisco Film Society’s annual SF International Animation Festival is a nice middle ground for both camps.

The festival, which kicks off Thursday and runs through Nov. 13th, features computer animation, along with a panoply of other styles. The program includes shorts from Annecy, Europe’s premier animation festival, live-action/animation mashups, an animated documentary about the life of cartoonist Yoshihiro, a screening of the latest installment in the wildly popular anime series “Full Metal Alchemist”, and more.

For the full program and ticketing information, go here.

Source: The Bay Citizen (
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