Saturday, February 02, 2019

Why Learn Gesture and Contour Drawing in School?

My first art class was at 48yrs old. I've been drawing since I was six. 

Gestures and contours make sense because they are head-to-toe visions of the body.
In art class with charcoal sticks, we began with gesture lines, the model holding each pose for 30 seconds to describe movement and direction.

We then made gestures for one minute with different poses.
Not until we filled a newsprint sheet with multiple drawings did we begin to sketch the model.
The mind-hand connection takes time even for a professional.

We didn't spend excessive time on gestures and contours. They are not required for life drawing but assist in the warm-up.
Art for most is flow and control in unison.

Mermaid Drawing Art Class Charcoal
Charcoal drawing from a model in art class.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Stan Lee Passes On

Stan Lee Passing
Stan Lee, you were standing in a Stockton comic shop after closing, just you and Bob.
Bob was probably going to lock the door as usual but got distracted by your conversation.

I saw you, time stopped in my teen mind and I immediately shot over to the dollar bin. You signed a beat up copy of Amazing Tales for me. No hesitation.

You shook my hand as I thanked you and apologized to you and Bob for the interruption. You were gracious and genuine.

Thank you for getting through my childhood and beyond. Thank you for giving me an avenue to which my overactive creative mind could navigate.
With great power, you remained true to the format, stayed within the lines and helped save a billion kids from crippling depression.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

How Drawing Spider-Man Makes You A Better Artist

Drawing Spider-Man is a challenge for any artist at any level. 

The web lines on the costume can give professional comic book artist the fits. There is an advantage to the artist drawing superheroes like Spidey, in that as a superhero Spider-Man is always in a dynamic position! There are no shortcuts for creating a man that moves like a spider.

Take advantage of websites like Pose Maniacs! There are hundreds of dynamic action poses which you can rotate into different positions.
If you haven't drawn Spider-Man yet, take the challenge. I find myself dreading to start the sketching but once I begin the urge to finish becomes overwhelming.
Feel free to post a link to your Spider-Man art in the comments below.

How to draw Spider-Man

Spider-Man Comissioned drawing

Friday, February 09, 2018

Barry Bonds and the Baseball Hall Of Fame

As a San Francisco Giants fan for life, I believe that Giants fans have a dissociated view of Barry Bonds lack of inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

SF Giant Willie Mays
He juiced and he lied, repeatedly. And, with all the advantages no other player could brag about. The lineage, the genetics. SF Giant Bobby Bonds his father! SF Giant Willie Mays, his godfather! Reggie Jackson a distant cousin.

What any of us wouldn't give for just a few days with these gods of the diamond? A lifetime of tutelage from the master of the sport in your formative years, plus all the connections to other players and top level coaches. What more can a player want for? What possible need would not be filled?

Baseball is a mind-field. The bus rides, planes, hotels, the waiting, the long long waits with ages to think and ponder. The ego must devolve into that big green monster.

"But he spent as much time out on the field, chasing fly balls with his father and godfather, the legendary Willie Mays."
Barry Bonds Family Tree - JRank Articles
San Francisco Giant Bobby Bonds

Bonds should have taken the four to five more years to reach 762, instead of crossing the finish line in front of natural players.

What he accomplished, the goals he reached are still amazing! But he hamstrung other competitors by putting jet fuel in an otherwise larger tank. The scales of justice were truly unbalanced.

Barry may be included in the HOF when he is around 70. A fitting punishment to watch others reach the finish line while he watches, benched. The scales returning to balance.
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