Can Ezra Miller Save Himself and the DCU?

Ezra Miller The Flash
The Flash got a serious vote of confidence from Warner Bros. Despite star Ezra Miller’s public troubles, the uphill battle of public perception facing the DCEU and the beginning of a new era under DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran for the next few years.

An early screening of the film in CinemaCon in Las Vegas and a press event in Los Angeles generated positive reactions. The film is indeed an exciting and ambitious superhero film; but the long shadow cast by Keaton's Batman is almost inescapable. The Flash director Andy Muschietti told Barbara Muschietti about the return of the Dark Knight to a group of journalists at Warner Bros.

As previously mentioned, The Flash film had suffered its fair share of setbacks including multiple screenwriter and director changes and COVID effects on filming. The film’s greatest challenge has however been without a doubt the numerous controversy and legal issues facing star Ezra Miller. Last August, the actor revealed he was seeking treatment for “complex mental health problems” Despite the actor’s recent troubles, DC Studios co-founder Peter Safran commented that Miller’s DC film future isn’t fully closed – and will largely depend on their commitment to recovery. Whatever the case, marketing will certainly have its work cut out for it as we get closer to the summer release.


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