Outcast Zero Comic

Outcast Zero, Hero Out Of Time © Web Comic Preview
Copyright Sweattshop Comic Book Art 2011-2020
Writer, Artist, Creator; Dennis M. Sweatt


The story of Outcast Zero is an everyman tale. I will never reveal his age, race or religion so that anyone can allow themselves to be inside the helmet as they experience the story. OZ is a menagerie of science, magic, and biochemistry. He was the first of many child soldier drones, forced into a genetic, inhumane project to fuse humanity with technology using magic as a binder. Abandoned since 1983, the moon base where he was created should have remained dormant, but arcane magic cannot be contained by time or distance.

Outcast Zero © lands on #Earth with no memory of his past and zero understanding of his place in the present. He stumbles frequently into danger while trying to keep his newfound friends safe from his ruthless pursuers.

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The Outcast Zero online web comic book is copyright Dennis M. Sweatt 2011-2015 All Rights Reserved

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