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Nexus... the series debuted in 1981 written by Mike Baron and illustrated Steve Rude. It originated as a three-issue black-and-white limited sries, followed by an eighty-issue ongoing full-color series. The original limited series and the first six color issues were published by Capital Comics, then First Comics took over. The series is a combination of the superhero and science fiction genres, set a mere 500 years in the future.

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Nexus 1

The lead character of the series, Horatio Valdemar Hellpop, received his powers As Nexus from an alien entity called the Merk. As payment, the Merk required Nexus to seek out and kill a certain quantity of human mass murderers per "cycle".

Nexus 2

When the Merk selected a target, Nexus would receive strong headaches and maddeningly anguished dreams (which in extremely intense episodes can cause physical injuries to Hellpop's body that to a degree emulate the violence in the vision) of his target's victims until he did his duty.

Nexus 3

Horatio was reluctant to act as the Merk's tool, but continued seeking out mass murderers to maintain his power and his sanity so that he could defend his homeworld, a lunar refuge of Ylum (a shortening of the word "asylum," thus pronounced "eye-lum").


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